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Malo Dental Special Offers Robina, Gold Coast

Cosmetic Dentsitry

We use the latest technology and software to deliver you your best smile. Being one of the few dentists in Australia trained in Digital Smile Design concepts, we use the latest software to design your best smile. Our 3D design process allows you to simulate the outcome before any drilling occurs.

Glam Smile Basic


Per Tooth

GlamSmile’s original and still most popular product, GlamSmile Basic is an effective way to achieve great cosmetic results without breaking the bank.


  • Ultra thin and durable porcelain veneers
  • Minimal preparation to tooth surface
  • Completed in as little as two dentist visits
  • Up to 10 custom designed veneers per arch
  • 3D-CAD crafted with unique digital previews
  • Belgium-led design

Glam Smile Platinum


Per Tooth

With premium aestetics, GlamSmile Platinum offers incredibly realistic porcelain veneers that can help patients achieve a stunning, natural-looking smile at a more competitive price.


  • Premium aesthetics with layered porcelain
  • Full range of shades and graduated colours
  • Most natural colouring and translucency
  • Natural characteristics and anatomy
  • Try-in fitting prior to bonding
  • Made in Australia

Custom Made Veneers


Per Tooth

If you will not settle for anything less than the best, then costom-made veneers are probably the bet option for you. With each veneer being hand-made by our technitians, it ensures that each patient gets the best possible result.


  • Costomised for you smile
  • Most natural colouring and translucency
  • Designed and hand-made by Malo Dental
  • Compliments natural features
  • Guaranteed best possible result

Free Consultation


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With modern surgical techniques and improved dental implant designs, patients can receive fixed full bridges with the All-on-4™ treatment at the Malo Dental Gold Coast in as little as two days.


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Veneers are a thin piece of porcelain or composite which are fitted on the surface of a tooth.


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If you’re looking to improve your smile due to having crooked, gappy or misshapen teeth, then orthodontics may be the answer for you.


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Dental implants are specifically designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

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