Case Study Review: Replacing Missing Teeth

The effect of missing back teeth

Last year we posted a case study of a patient with missing back teeth – Replacing Missing Teeth

Case Study Link: Missing Back Teeth

The patient visited our practice and a number of treatments were provided to not only improve the patient’s smile, but also the overall function of the patient’s mouth. In this article we will be revisiting the case study to provide some insight as to the problems associated with missing teeth and the potential long term effects this can have on your smile.

The Problem

The patient came to our practice with very worn and unsightly front teeth. After a consultation with the patient it was discovered that they had their back teeth removed some time ago and the teeth were not replaced.

Why was this a problem

A missing front tooth is very difficult to hide and can sometimes affect our self confidence, so it makes sense to see a dentist and get the tooth replaced. A back tooth however, what’s the point? Nobody will get a chance to see it anyway, so surely you can save the money and ignore the gap, right?

Not necessarily. Your back teeth play an important role helping to stabilise your teeth and absorb pressure when you eat. Without them, the structure of your mouth is weakened and overtime can lead to crooked teeth and displacement of the jaw bone.

For instance, if you were to have a single tooth at the front removed, over time the teeth in the surrounding area will begin to crowd the empty space.

The Solution

In simple cases, a dental implant can be placed in the empty space/s to help correct this issue.

In this case the issue is much more severe so a full solution was required. Using a combination of dental crowns and veneers, the patient’s smile was restored.

The patient was also fitted for dental implants to replace the original missing teeth and complete the treatment. This would ensure that the structure of the patient’s mouth was stabilised and ensure that the patient’s teeth would not return to its previous state.


If there is one thing to take away from this case study, it’s that each tooth serves a purpose. Missing teeth at the front or even the back of your mouth should be addressed. Left untreated over time, something as simple as a missing tooth can exacerbate and turn into a much more serious problem.

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