50 Shades Whiter: How to find the Perfect Shade for Teeth Whitening.

In today’s culture, we are constantly being bombarded with having the perfect bright ‘Hollywood Smile’ whether it’s on our phones, online or through traditional forms of media including billboards and brochures. Upon meeting someone for the first time, naturally, our eyes are drawn to their smile as it’s one of the first physical characteristics we notice. Some of us feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to reveal a big toothy grin, concerned to show discoloured or stained teeth. That’s why Malo Dental Gold Coast has explained that how to find perfect shade out of 50 shades of white teeth whitening.

Having whiter teeth helps us feel confident and comfortable with our smile, however when does having the perfect ‘Hollywood Smile’ become unrealistic? Everyone’s smile and teeth are unique and different. Thinking of teeth whitening but not sure of what shade of white should you pick? There isn’t a ‘correct’ answer as teeth come in a variety of hues and shades. It’s important when finding the perfect shade, to be well informed about the treatments and what your dentist recommends based on your overall complexion. Read on to discover how to find the right shade for teeth whitening.

Picking the right ‘white’ teeth whitening shade for you

There are many procedures to help you achieve your desired pearly glow out of 50 shades of white teeth whitening. Some include:

  • whitening gels
  • tooth bleaching product
  • specific whitening toothpastes
  • scale and polish procedures by your dentist
  • at home take-home whitening kits that are available to purchase at your local pharmacy,  supermarket or dentist
  • in-chair whitening performed by your dentist
  • cosmetic procedures including veneers and crowns.

Regardless of which method you choose, achieving the perfect white smile you’ve always wanted has never been easier! How white should your teeth become? It depends whether you are looking for a dramatic change or a gradual whitening process that’s usually inhibited from whitening toothpaste or gels. Final results are determined by your current stained teeth and how stubborn the discolourations are.

It’s crucial to choose a shade that isn’t too white as they might look unnatural, however, not white enough won’t be noticeable. Keep in mind a two to three shade difference will change anyone’s smile. Using a professional shade guide to match to the natural lustre and tone complimenting a patients complexion, is a great guideline dentist’s incorporate within the teeth whitening procedure.

The Vita Classic Shade Matching

If you are experiencing difficulties when choosing the right whitening shade for your teeth, using the vita classic shade guidelines can help tremendously! The classic vita is a commonly used reference guide within the dental industry. It comprises three components that separate colour into three categories: Hue, Chroma and Value. Hue describes the colour name as red, yellow and blue. Chroma is the level of intensity and saturation of the hue. Value states the level of darkness or lightness of an object. On the contrary, teeth can also be a mixture of a few different colours and not the typical desired white shade. The vita classic shade guide consists of four different shade ranges:

  • Shade A – Reddish Brown
  • Shade B – Reddish Yellow
  • Shade C – Gray
  • Shade D – Reddish Grey

Each shade range also has varying levels of lightness and darkness. To use this guide, match your current tooth shade to the corresponding shade on the chart they fall into. This gives you the ability as a starting point to determine how much whiter you’d like your teeth to be based on the shade range. If this process is difficult to do on your own don’t panic! Talk to your dentist and they will provide you with guidance and assistance to choose the ideal shade for you.

Factors to Consider

Choosing the perfect shade of white for you comes with a lot of factors to consider when finalising your decision-making process. These comprise of:

Consider how dramatic or subtle you want the shade of your teeth to be

Having a two to three shade change can change the brightness of your teeth dramatically. Bear in mind if you prefer a subtle or more natural approach limit yourself to obtaining the two or three shade progression.  

Current stains on your teeth

The stubbornness of the stains especially if they are darkly coloured or grey will affect the whitening process, as it takes longer to remove the stains and the stains could still come through after the whitening process.

Crowns and fillings

Unfortunately, dental work including crowns and fillings cannot be lightened during the procedure. It’s recommended if they are in a noticeable place to best choose a white shade that will blend it all.

General rule of thumb

Another way to discover the right shade for you besides incorporating the Vita Classic is by looking at the white of your eyes. Try picking a shade that resembles the whites of your eyes and obviate choosing a whiter shade.

Picking the perfect shade for you is a process itself! We recommend seeing your dentist if you are thinking of teeth whitening but not sure of what shade out of 50 shades of white teeth whitening you should pick. Allow your dental technician to offer you advice, provide effective custom shading and detailed information to further understand the colour matching process. This will ease any concerns or confusion about the process as both parties will be able to create a further understanding of the reconstruction.

Remember that you don’t need excessive amounts of whitening treatments to be satisfied with the final result. It’s easier to gradually make your teeth white than it is to take the whiteness away. If they are too white you will have to wait until the hue fades to a shade you prefer. We recommend if you don’t have a good strategy and communication with your dentist to increase your shade gradually with precision and control.